The Minnesota Academy for Comprehensive Dentistry

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Welcome to our 2015-2016 season. I am honored to serve as your president, and look forward to your input as this year progresses. We have benefitted in the past from both our members input and good leadership. I hope this continues to make our study club as strong and educational as it can be.

We do need to consider increasing our membership and I look especially to our newer members to help out in this regard. Sometimes when we are new to an organization we feel intimidated and not yet ready to bring in friends and colleagues who would make good new members. One of our members suggested you think of colleagues that you would want to sit with at a continuing education meeting and consider them for membership. This is your study club, and will become more so as years pass.

Our speakers this year will bring us information on a number of topics, and I encourage and challenge us all to make these a discussion and not just a lecture by feeling comfortable to bring up your questions and other thoughts. As we all are aware, there are many different thoughts on how to accomplish treatment.

Our first program on September 25 is with Dr. David Landwehr, a practicing endodontist from Madison, Wisconsin. His topics will include pain control, emergency treatment, treatment sequence, and review of systems available.

On November 20th we will have Dr. Brian Novy with us from Loma Linda University. His information will involve saliva, caries and preventative treatments.

January 22nd will bring us Dr. David Little from San Antonio to share with us information on implants and their restoration.

Dr. Jim Swift will be with us on March 18th to update us on topics in oral surgery in the morning, followed by presentations by our own laboratory technicians in the afternoon.

Ideas for a spring social event are being looked at, including a St. Paul Saints game in their new stadium.

Please feel free to contact me with topics you would like addressed, or other ideas for the spring. I would appreciate hearing them.

Tim Langguth, President, 2015-16

Our next meeting is on September 25th.